5 Best no code Automation Tools

5 best no code automation tools out there

We’ve all heard the term “no-code automation” in one place or another but what exactly is it? And how can we benefit from no-code automation tools?

Let me start off by explaining what precisely no-code tools mean.

In the past to build an app/web application or software platform one had to rely solely on the software developer, who would code and build the app from scratch, if you were ever involved in the software development cycle you’d understand how much of a tedious and lengthy process that is.

What no-code automation or no-code tools help achieve is the same software app or platform but with little or no dependency on a software developer. Don’t get me wrong code still remains the crux of the platform but in this case, there are modules that help build the tool.

Gone are those days when you actually required technical skills to build software products, modern technology is making it simple for anyone to build a software product on their own with little or no technical knowledge.

What can I do with no-code tools?

With no-code tools “Sky is the limit”, if you can think it you can make it, this is a very reason for the raising popularity of no-code tools.

No-code categories and example

  1. App/website building – Using platforms like Wix to build a website
  2. Marketing – Automating leads from one platform to another or syncing CRMs
  3. Onboarding Guides – Creating an onboarding for new users or employee documentation automation
  4. Project Management – Automation of task management and task creation based on certain rules
  5. Automation – Connecting email automatons for users, when they drop off from a journey
  6. Customer Service – Automation of creating a ticket or building a custom chatbot

These are basic examples of what no-code tools are capable of.

What are the advantages of no-code automation?

Today there is nothing that is not possible with no-code automations or tools, right from saving time to making money to building your own app from scratch. Keeping that in mind a couple of advantages of investing your time in these would be

  1. Less time learning
  2. Lower costs
  3. Save a significant amount of time
  4. Automate your repetitive tasks
  5. Faster deployment
  6. A huge community of like-minded people

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The best 5 no-code automation tools

  • Zapier
  • Make
  • Pipefy
  • Bardeen
  • Monday

No Code Automation Tool 1: Zapier

What is Zapier?

“What if I can take data from one tool and push it into another” I believe you must have pondered upon this question more than one time. If you still have that question in the back of your head look no further Zapier is here.

no code automation tool zapier

How can Zapier help?

Zapier is an integration tool that works by connecting one app to another. It can be as simple as connecting your CRM to an email service provider like Mailchimp or making a complete web application. Zapier can be of assistance in one way or another.

Zapier is fairly simple to use or you can hire a Zapier expert who can help with creating the required automation.

Zapier pricing

Free plan (100 tasks/month), Starter (€20.35/750 tasks/month), Professional (€49.88/2000 tasks/month), Team (€304.36/50,000 tasks/month) and Company (€609.74/100,000 tasks/month). You can add more tasks to each plan, but this incurs a price increase.

No Code Automation Tool 2: Make(formerly Integromat)

What is Make?

Make is a drag-and-drop builder for automations – It can help you build processes, workflows and even new applications. It’s quite easy to use and a very powerful tool that can help you solve even the most complex automation. I personally use make and trust me it is definitely worth it.

make simple automation using make as your no code automation tool

How can Make help?

It’s a to-go place for anything related to automation and building new workflows using no-code automation. You need not have any coding experience to get started. Make also give you thousands of ready-made templates that you start off no-code automations with and if you get stuck somewhere there is also a support team who can help you.

Make pricing

Free plan, Core ($9/month), Pro ($16/month), Teams ($29/month), and Enterprise (custom pricing). These prices are based on 10,000 operations/month. Prices increase if you add more operations.

No Code Automation Tool 3: Pipefy

What is Pipefy?

To put things in simple terms pipefy is a business operation and a request management no-code automation platform. It lets users create simple and complex workflows using a simple kanban-style board which helps teams plan sprints and view progress with reports or charts.

automate your business using no code automation tool pipefy

How can Pipefy help?

If you work with teams and want to keep a track of tasks and their progress pipefy is the tool for you. It has a vast variety of integrations like GitHub, slack, and GitLab’s to name a few.

A couple of other ways pipefy can help

  1. agile software development
  2. software development
  3. email automation, process management
  4. sprint view, integrations & reports

Pipefy pricing

Starter (free), Business ($18/user/month), Enterprise ($30/user/month), Unlimited (custom pricing).

No Code Automation Tool 4: Bardeen

What is Bardeen?

Bardeen is a no-code automation tool that helps automate mundane operations like data scraping and contact database creation. Users are assisted in determining which of their routine activities may be automated through the use of machine learning. It also gives users guides and templates called “Playbooks” that can help you create them.

free no code automation tool bardeen

How can Bardeen help?

Bardeen takes pride in their web-scrapping capabilities and this is the best part is the automations. With Bardeen the possibilities are endless for example imagine creating a database of users for a certain sales activity, you just create it and leave it the database gets updated periodically. To add to this there is also a chrome extension that can make things easy.

Bardeen Pricing?

Bardeen is currently free, but they are looking to monetize this in the future so I think you should hop on this wagon and utilize this as much as possible.

No Code Automation Tool 5: Monday.com

What is Monday.com?

Monday is a project management no-code automation tool, that helps with automating anything related to your businesses.

Some noteworthy features include creating to-do lists, adding deadlines, and integrations with other platforms, to top things off Monday.com is a collaborative tool, so you can have multiple teams working together.

automate your workflow using monday as your no code tools

How can Monday.com help?

For monday.com team collaboration is the centre and to make things easier they have their dedicated mobile app for both ios and android.

Monday.com is quite powerful when automation is brought into the picture it’s got quite an intuitive user interface and has a low learning curve for teams and individuals. Thanks to its flexible features, you can add custom fields and workflows to your projects and tasks.

Monday.com pricing

Basic – $8 seat/month

Standard – $10 seat/month

Pro – $16 seat/month

Enterprise – For this plan, you should contact the sales team.

Summing up the best no-code automation tools

An average working professional depends on 5-6 tools during his/her daily, this makes it difficult to keep track of tasks and how things can be done.

With could infrastructure gaining momentum it would be handy for everyone to have one or more tools to communicate with one other. This can not only make things easier but also increase productivity.

This is where the above list of no-code automation tools not only helps with saving money but also with time.

The ideal no-code automation platform exists for everyone, whether they are developers, app creators, or businesspeople that lack coding expertise its only a matter of finding the right one.

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