must have sales tools to close any deal faster

5 Amazing Sales Tools To Close Any Sales Deal Faster

Considering the prevalence of Internet use nowadays it is important for sales professionals to ramp up their arsenal. That being said there are a wide variety of sales tools present today that can help you close the sale faster and in a much more efficient manner.

Selling is an art and sales professionals who can conquer selling techniques can conquer anything. It is a given that sales professionals need to be constantly self-motivated, have empathy, grit and drive but in addition to this if they don’t understand whom they are selling to, they are bound to lose the sale.

The adoption of sales tools is sure to provide salespeople with an advantage over their peers. If you happen to do a quick google search for “sales tools” there are millions of tools that come up but not all the sales tools make sense, here I will discuss the 5 best sales tools that I’ve used in the past and that have helped me to close deals much faster.

What do we mean when we talk about sales tools?

Sales tools are nothing more than enablers, that help sales professionals know more about whom they are pitching and how to pitch to them.

Sales tool is an umbrella term that includes a wide variety of tools within them for ex CRMs, email marketing tools, sales intelligence etc

The importance of sales tools is shown by the fact that 94% of sales professionals say sales tools help them close more deals on LinkedIn’s State of Sales 2021.

Without any further delay let’s get started with the sales tools

  1. Crystal (Chrome Extension)
  2. Slintel
  4. Bardeen
  5. ChatGPT


Every sales pitch needs personal touch making every sale deal unique, be it B2B or B2C or B2C2B. It is important to understand the personality of the people whom you are selling to. Now imagine even before you talk to your prospect you have an idea of their personality traits.

Crystal is a sales tool that can help with “adaptive selling” what it means is adapting to the prospects and changing how the communications, pitch are done.

find user behavious sales tool -crystal

Crystal is quite handy and easy to use, a couple of its important features are

  1. The prospect’s personality traits.
  2. What is the expected behaviour
  3. What to email and an inbuilt writing assistant that can help you write the email.

It is a must tool for anyone in the B2B domain, it just makes things so much easier when you know how to communicate.

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Slintel is a sales tool for contact management. It will help get you the user’s email, phone number and other important information with a click of a button.

A handy tool if you are into B2B and if you are looking for prospects from LinkedIn.

Slintel takes pride in the data and the tech that use to provide accurate information every time. They have a staggering number of 286M+ users’ data that you can have your hands on.

prospecting sales tool - linkedin

A couple of features that make slintel an excellent sales tool

  1. It can help you find who to talk to, you can find data like
    1. Technographics (what technologies are being used).
    2. Firmographics data.
    3. Psychographic data (themes and topics of interest for both companies and people).
    4. People data (lead title/location, seniority filter, etc.,).
  2. Find the right time to talk to them.
  3. Find areas of interest and themes to make communication and trust-building easier.

We’ve already heard “presentation is everything” and it is true when it comes to sales as well. The first call, the first email, the first in-person meeting all of these leave a mark in your prospects’ brains which subconsciously helps them understand you better.

I might not have any sales tools for your first call or your first in-person meeting but I sure do have a sales tool that can help with making your presentation look top-tier.

Bringing you an online presentation builder that uses AI to understand the content and help make the presentation accordingly.

presentation sales tool -

Features of

  1. Simple and intuitive control
  2. Uses AI to help design
  3. Built-in animations
  4. Team collaboration
  5. Stock icons and images

This is one of the best sales tools that I’ve come across, it is simple and neat and gets the job done without any hassle. This is a must tool for anyone who dabbles in a lot of presentations.

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Bardeen is not a sales tool per se but instead, it is an automation tool that can help you automate a repetitive task and help save time. Time is money, right?

It is a free platform that can help with integrations between two or more apps or platforms. Bardeen has a wide variety of tools that you can use for any sort of integration.

One example that I think would make the most sense is scraping leads from LinkedIn for a specific industry or maybe automating set of emails to users who are not responding. The possibilities are limitless, hence I strongly urge you to try this tool, even though it’s not completely a sales tool.

automation sales tool - bardeen

Features of Bardeen

  1. Wide range of integrations
  2. Automate mundane and repetitive tasks
  3. Can help with data research
  4. Helps with personal productivity

Bardeen is a free tool for now so take full advantage of this.


One of the greatest inventions of mankind. An AI that talks and has the ability to communicate like a human. ChatGPT is the epitome of human inventions and innovation.

How can ChatGPT help with sales, you ask?

How can it not, is what I am going to ask you?

We all agree that content and data are the centre of closing any deal and who better to help you with data than an all mighty AI?

Let’s be frank here even the best salesperson can run out of cold emails or copies that help close the sale but you can rely on ChatGPT to solve your problems there. It can be a one-stop go for all solutions regarding communications with prospects. You’ll just have to give the command and you’ll have the content.

content writing sales tool - chatgpt

Isn’t it great? This is just scratching the surface you can do a lot more with ChatGPT. ChatGPT would be one of the most underrated sales tools ever.

Wrapping things up with the best sales tools present

As you must have seen these are not your traditional sales tools like a CRM or Marketo or calendly, I know that these tools are important for maintaining a process and managing prospects but given how technology is advancing and how sales tools are evolving not using these tools would be our loss.

These tools are present out there to make things easier for us to close sales deals and build better pipelines if we are not utilizing them then we are not making the most of it.

Knowing the right set of sales tools and understanding how to use them can be the one thing that can help you close more sales deals much faster than your peers. Stay tuned for part 2 of amazing sales tools.

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