6 no code automation tools

6 Excellent no code Marketing Tools That Can Catapult Your Business.

It is not simple to run a business, there are multiple facets to consider and one of them is marketing. Marketing has evolved from what we’ve known with the raise in the internet and social media taking over. In this day and age if marketing is not given the importance it requires it can make or break a business.

Hence it is important to rely on technology to help with every aspect of marketing for a business. Keeping that in mind not everyone is comfortable with code and building automations using code, to tackle this no-code tools were introduced.

These no code platforms help businesses build processes or online personalised tools without the use of code making things simpler for people who are not tech savvy.

How will no code tools help in marketing?

The possibilities of how no code tools can benefit marketing are only limited by your imagination. Complex tasks can be simplified and automated, and not only this you can have your complete workflow automations and have it aligned with your business goals.

What can you do with no code tools in marketing?

A couple of ways in which no code tools can be used in marketing are

  1. Automate a new user onboarding journey
  2. Build complex workflow
    1. A tool to collaborate with remote teams
    2. Project timelines
    3. Review processes, scheduling and approvals etc
  3. Reporting automations
  4. Generating new content
  5. Building your own CRM with custom features

This is just me scratching the surface, the list can go on.

How to select no code tool for marketing?

This would completely depend on the type of requirement and the problem that you are looking to solve. There is a myriad of no code tools available today some of which are free and some of which are paid.

A couple of things you can consider while evaluating no code tool for your business

  1. Number of Integrations
  2. Cost
  3. User interface
  4. Customizability
  5. Support and Traning
  6. Scalability

Now that there is a fair understanding of the what and whys, let’s get straight to the marketing no code tools.

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No code marketing tool for a business

  1. Obviously AI
  2. Airtable
  3. PhantomBuster
  4. Parabola
  5. Voiceflow
  6. Figma

Obviously AI

Data is important. And I bet no one would say otherwise. Marketers have always relied on data to help them make conscious decisions and this data usually comes from data scientists, now imagine you could have analysed the data on your own.

marketing data analysis using no code too obvoiusly.ai

Obviously AI is a no code AI tool that helps you achieve exactly that. This no code tool can be a superstar of your marketing efforts.

The platform works in a very simple way where you have to upload data and select which analysis model you need to run. It allows marketers to use models to predict sales, lead conversions, and revenue optimizations, with this no-code tool you can take your marketing efforts to the next level.


Airtable is a no code database application that facilitates data sharing and collaborative editing. Think of Airtable as Google sheets on steroids.

no code database tool for marketing

Whether you want to keep track of campaigns or calendars or keep a track of your project or use it as a database (you read it right, you don’t SQL anymore) it can all be done by this no code tool.

If you are ever used excel or google sheets then airtable is right up your alley, if you have not then don’t worry it has a huge repository of resources and it is very easy to catch on to.


Sales can be hard but gathering leads should not be. PhantomBuster is a no code tool that can help you collect leads from major social networks like Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook and the list goes on.

no code lead generation marketing tool

PhantomBuster has over 100+ integration options and ready-made templates that you can just start using even if you are a beginner.


If you want to build complex processes and workflows then parabola is the right option. This no code tool does all the heavy lifting of generating code and it gives you a simple and straightforward drag-and-drop platform to work with.

api and automation no code tool parabola

Parabola has a wide variety of integrations and the icing on top of the cake is it lets you work with APIs and that is a game changer.

Get API data to parabola make the required changes and filter data on parabola and push the required data to any of your tools using integrations. It’s that simple and no code is required at any point of time.


Voiceflow is a no code tool to help you build apps for Google Assistant and Alexa. The best part about voiceflow is that it allows you to build bots using a simple UI.

create chatbots using voiceflows no code platform

Voiceflow is easy to use and it helps build powerful chatbots and new apps for voice search without any experience with code.

Summing Up no code marketing tools

No code tools have truly removed barriers that were between ideas and tech. With no code technology advancing, complicated processes like building a website, or creating an app for mobile have become easy even for someone who is not familiar with programming languages.

To choose the right no code tool, you need to strike a balance between imagination, intricacy, design, and the smoothness of automation. Websites with seemingly complicated layouts can be made without any code.

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