13 Best Marketing Apps and Tools That Are A Must For Small Businesses

A few years ago, marketing meant advertising your business in the newspaper, generating commercials for television, or word of mouth. Today, marketing means much more than that. Things have changed in more ways than ever since “Digital” was added to the term “marketing.” As a result of the ever-increasing depth and variety of today’s information resources, people are no longer susceptible to being duped by fictitious material and deceptive marketing strategies.

Therefore, marketing has to be more adaptable than it ever has been before. Customers are now able to react in real-time to advertisements and other forms of marketing thanks to the internet; thus, you need to be ready to change if you want to continue to have an advantage over your competitors.

I’ve put up an exhaustive list of the best digital marketing apps and tools for high-performing individuals and teams who are seeking to improve their marketing performance.

the best marketing apps from misible

The best digital marketing apps and tools:


Canva is a design tool that allows users to create digital and print marketing material that looks polished and professional. You get access to more than one million stock photos, drawings, and typefaces, giving you the ability to develop media of professional quality for your business. Because this software comes with pre-built layouts, dragging and dropping components into position is as easy as can be. Canva makes it simple for teams to personalize templates so that they are in line with the aesthetic and representation of their business.

canva - number one on the marketing app list


Grammarly is relied on by editors and proofreaders due to the fact that its grammar tools and spell checker are user-friendly and straightforward to operate. It provides users with assistance in creating content that is free of errors for websites such as Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, as well as almost any other website.

Using artificial intelligence, Grammarly analyzes the text you provide to check for a variety of grammatical problems, from simple errors to sophisticated sentence errors.

grammerly - number two on the best marketing apps list


BuzzSumo is a digital marketing app that gives users the ability to discover the most shared and influential content and people on the internet. You only need to search for a topic or a website to get started with it, and you’ll be able to determine which pieces of information are most appropriate to any subject. You will have a better understanding of your impact on social media and be able to build more intelligent content strategies with BuzzSumo.

buzzsumo - number three on the best marketing app list


Hootsuite is a social media management application that allows users to schedule posts to be published on several platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Youtube. Hootsuite’s free plan now enables users to manage up to three social media accounts simultaneously while also allowing them to schedule up to 30 posts at a time.

hootsuite - number four on the best marketing app list


SEMRush is a powerful search tool that combines a number of functions into a single interface. It can be used by teams to do keyword research, competitor analysis, and rank monitoring. Examining statistics such as search traffic and cost per click is one of the additional services that the tool provides.

semrush - number five on the best marketing app list

HubSpot CRM

At the core of everything that HubSpot offers is a customer relationship management (CRM) platform that enables you to monitor leads and customers at various points during their journey. Actually free to use, HubSpot’s CRM comes with a variety of useful features such as live chat, dynamic lists, lead capture forms, and email marketing tools.

hubspot crm - number six on the best marketing apps list

Google Analytics

If you are not measuring the outcomes of your digital marketing efforts, you may as well not bother. It is helpful for you to improve if you are aware of who is clicking on your site, for how long they are staying, and where they are leaving from.

The good thing is that you can easily check all of this and monitor other vital KPIs of your business from a single location using Google Analytics. These KPIs include in-depth analyses and insights into your website, as well as your target audiences and the digital marketing efforts you make.

google analytics - number seven on the best marketing apps list

Google Looker Studio

Google Looker Studio or formerly known as Google data studio is a free reporting tool that has a straightforward user interface that makes it easy for anybody, including those with no prior knowledge in data analytics, to use the product. There are several features, some of which include pre-built data interfaces, data visualization, and automatically created metrics. It gives you the ability to build up custom filters, so that the data may be displayed in the form that best suits your needs.

google looker studio - number eight on the best marketing apps list


Asana is a platform for managing projects and it supports multiple users. Asana allows teams to plan and streamline everyday work in an efficient and effective way. The application provides a user-friendly interface that displays project plans and deliverables with deadlines. It is a must-have tool if you work in a team or if you are collaborating with others.

asana - number nine on the best marketing apps list


Visme is a visual content platform that enables anybody, even non-designers, to create spectacular presentations, infographics, reports, and social media images in a short amount of time. The primary purpose of Visme’s is to generate presentations and data visualizations. Infographics and fresh data are among the most-shared kinds of content on social media, thus Visme is ideal for anybody who regularly shares research on channels like Twitter and LinkedIn.

visme - number ten on the best marketing apps list


Animoto is an online video production platform that generates video slideshows and presentations using photographs, video clips, and music. It is a terrific tool that may save you time, effort, and effort when creating a video marketing campaign.

animoto - number eleven on the best marketing apps list


Successful digital marketing requires experimenting, gaining knowledge, and, finally, improving. This maxim applies to your website, emails, forms, landing pages, and so on. Optimizely is a front-end A/B testing and multi-page experimentation software.

Changes to your website should not be made based just on intuition. A/B testing allows you to improve your website by letting the data speak for itself while making adjustments and upgrades.

optimizely - number twelve on the best marketing apps list


Sendinblue provides a platform with all Digital Marketing tools in one place. It has features and capabilities for email marketing, SMS marketing, chat, marketing automation, CRM, transactional email, and segmentation, among others. I have a thorough analysis of how sendinblue may aid your email marketing efforts, you can read more about it here <insert a link to review>

sendinblue - number thirteen on the best marketing apps list

Summing Things Up

The digital playground is developing at a staggering rate and digital marketing is essential for remaining ahead. These resources have been carefully chosen to assist you in your marketing effort, depending on your needs and budget, you may choose the most efficient digital marketing tool to help and measure your marketing efforts.