[Case Study] From Plant Parenthood to Business Success: How Desk Plants Thrived with Trello

trello case study


Lawrence Hanley, a former advertising executive at a big technology company, discovered his love for plants when he couldn’t have a pet in his new home. This newfound passion led him to start Desk Plants, an online store offering hard-to-kill plants. As Lawrence embarked on his entrepreneurial journey, he faced the challenge of keeping his team organized and connected. That’s when Trello, a beautifully designed and intuitive digital tool, came to the rescue.


Lawrence’s transition to Austin left him longing for a pet, but instead, he embraced plant parenthood. His collection of 40 plants sparked an idea when he noticed a growing trend in online plant companies. Lawrence realized there was an opportunity to cater to plant enthusiasts and beginners alike, focusing on plants that could thrive in low-light environments and with minimal maintenance. Thus, Desk Plants was born in 2018.

Business Challenge:

As a small business owner, Lawrence struggled to keep his team informed and aligned. They relied on manual tools like paper notebooks and whiteboards, resulting in lost or erased information. This outdated system hindered decision-making and brought inefficiency to the business.


Lawrence introduced Trello to his team, recognizing its potential to streamline their workflow and create a centralized hub. They explored various digital tools but ultimately chose Trello for its beautiful design and intuitive features. Lawrence migrated information from their notebooks, organizing different business functions into separate Trello boards, such as Events, Sales, Marketing, Nursery Operations, and Customer Service. A General board was also created to track new ideas and miscellaneous projects.


Trello revolutionized the way Desk Plants operated. Team members could access real-time updates and progress regardless of their location. The greenhouse manager, Virginia Stroup, benefited from Trello’s mobile accessibility, enabling her to stay connected throughout the day. The efficiency gained from using Trello significantly contributed to a 30% increase in orders per hour over the last six weeks.


Lawrence emphasizes the importance of staying organized from the start of any small business. Trello proved to be an invaluable tool in helping Desk Plants manage tasks and prioritize their workload. By streamlining their operations with Trello, they experienced tangible results and improved overall business performance. For Lawrence, Trello is the go-to tool for staying organized and achieving business success.

By utilizing Trello’s features, Desk Plants streamlined their operations, improved team collaboration, and saw a significant 30% increase in orders per hour. Read more about their journey to success with Trello here.

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