SEO Case Study: Driving Organic Non-Branded Traffic Using SEMRush

semrush case study


Discover how Fattoretto agency’s used SEMRush for SEO optimization efforts transformed, an Italian e-commerce company, and propelled their organic non-branded traffic. This case study showcases the effective strategies and remarkable results achieved.


MECshopping faced a significant decline in site traffic and revenue due to previous platform migration issues and lack of SEO optimization. Broken links, non-optimized headings, duplicate content, and slow page loading speed hindered their online visibility.

Business Challenge

Enhance organic non-branded traffic across all product categories for MECshopping.


  1. Site Health and Technical Optimization
  • Optimized crawling budget and improved site speed by blocking low-value pages and implementing proper redirects.
  • Enhanced Core Web Vitals metrics (LCP, FID, CLS) through collaboration with MECshopping’s developers.
  1. Website Content Optimization
  • Conducted thorough keyword research to identify relevant terms for MEC’s target audience.
  • Restructured the site with a new tree site structure, incorporating specific subcategories and introducing additional product parameters.
  • Expanded the keyword portfolio, providing a superior search experience.
  1. Competitor Research
  • Analyzed competitors based on MECshopping’s domain and shared keywords.
  • Utilized SEMRush Competitive Positioning Map and Organic Research tool to identify competitors’ top keywords and pages.
  • Derived a comprehensive list of relevant keywords for MECshopping.
  1. Link Building
  • Leveraged search trends and seasonality data to identify prime months for each category.
  • Executed link building campaigns ahead of peak seasons or special events for maximum impact.
  1. Keyword Tracking
  • Monitored keyword performance using SEMRush Position Tracking tool.
  • Utilized tagging system for easy analysis of keyword cohorts based on product type and timeline.


  • Using SEMRush, MECshopping achieved a remarkable +70% increase in clicks and impressions from non-branded keywords by July 2022 compared to July 2021.
  • Secured rankings for 11,235 keywords on Google’s #1 page by October 2022, indicating a significant 140% year-over-year increase compared to October 2021.
organic traffic growth using seo


Through meticulous SEO optimization, Fattoretto agency successfully revitalized MECshopping’s online presence and stimulated their organic non-branded traffic. By addressing technical issues, enhancing content, conducting competitor analysis, implementing link building campaigns, and monitoring keyword performance, Fattoretto agency facilitated MECshopping’s revenue growth and overall success. This case study exemplifies the power of effective SEO optimization in driving tangible results.

From keyword research and competitor analysis to tracking your website’s performance, SEMRush is your secret weapon for conquering the online jungle. Don’t just survive – thrive with SEMRush by your side! Know more about SEMRush here.

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