Hotel Success Story: Archipelago International’s Journey to Online Marketing Triumph Using Google Ads

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Archipelago International, Indonesia’s largest hotel management chain. With an array of properties, from budget hotels to luxurious villas and serviced apartments, Archipelago has been on a remarkable online marketing journey since 2008. Seeking more effective and measurable strategies, they teamed up with the digital marketing agency iProspect Valuklik Indonesia to conquer new heights and boost revenue.


Archipelago International, having recognized the power of online marketing, had been utilizing Google Ads for years. However, as their portfolio expanded, managing the ads became increasingly complex.

Business Challenge:

The primary goal for Archipelago International was to optimize their online marketing efforts, increase revenue, and maximize Return On Investment (ROI). They wanted to develop strategies that would engage their individual target audiences effectively and outperform traditional marketing channels like print ads.


To begin, they worked diligently to restructure Search Ads campaigns, tailoring them to each brand campaign and its respective customer segments. They also organized the campaigns based on geographic locations, enabling better clarity and precision. Furthermore, Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA) campaigns were implemented based on hotel ROI. Visitors to low ROI hotels were simply remarketed to, while those who explored high ROI hotels were retargeted with increased bids for more effective outreach.


Within a span of two years, the hotel chain experienced an unprecedented 440% increase in direct online bookings, surpassing the contributions of other channels, including online travel agents. The Cost per Action (CPA) was dramatically reduced by an impressive 90%, allowing Archipelago to achieve almost three times more bookings with the same marketing budget compared to online travel agents. These remarkable achievements culminated in an extraordinary 850% increase in ROI within a single year.


Archipelago International brought their online marketing endeavors to new heights, yielding exceptional results. By investing in their Google Ads campaigns and employing targeted remarketing strategies, they were able to attract more customers, increase direct bookings, and reduce costs. This tale of triumph showcases the tremendous impact that well-crafted and strategically executed online marketing campaigns can have on a business’s success. Archipelago International serves as an inspiration to all, proving that embracing digital marketing can lead to extraordinary growth and profitability.

Google Ads proved instrumental in Archipelago International’s success. As the largest hotel management chain in Indonesia, they utilized Google Ads to optimize their online marketing efforts. By restructuring their Search Ads campaigns and implementing targeted remarketing strategies, they achieved a staggering 440% increase in direct online bookings, slashed their cost per action by 90%, and experienced an impressive 850% boost in ROI. To delve deeper into the power of Google Ads as a marketing tool, read more here.

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