email marketing tool sendinblue is it worth it?

Email Marketing Tool Sendinblue: Is it worth it?

There are a plethora of email marketing tools available, some of which are good and others that are just outstanding. I’ve tried many email service providers, and Sendinblue has proven to be the best. Here is a brief overview of it.

Marketing channels and trends are ever-evolving. While some trends fade away pretty quickly some don’t, and one such channel is email. While every marketing channel has ups and downs wrt to users but emails have only grown every year, not to mention that there are around 4 billion daily active users who use email.

Email Marketing is not just sending emails to a bunch of users and tracking how many of them have opened them and clicked on them, but instead, it helps you get in touch with your customer or users on a personal level and help them understand how you can help them solve their problem with your product or service.

In order to harness the complete power of email, we need to have the right set of tools that can help us with that. I am a great fan of email marketing and I’ve tried and tested the most important features here’s my view SendInBlue.

I’ve evaluated SendInBlue email marketing tools based on 4 main criteria which I think are the most important when considering opting for an email marketing tool.

  1. Cost
  2. Segmentations & ease of use
  3. Creating Automations
  4. Data & Analytics

Features of Sendinblue

  1. Email broadcast and email marketing campaigns
  2. Automations for email
  3. SMS and Transactional emails
  4. Other important features like Social Media Marketing, Chat services, Landing Pages

Email creation & creating email campaigns

Let’s start with the first feature the one we are here for sending and designing emails. Sendinblue provides a variety of ways to create an email which can be as simple as a drag-and-drop builder to designing your own email using HTML and CSS.

creating templates and creating emails with sendinblue email marketing tool
Sendinblue’s Email dashboard

And if you are in a hurry it also gives you loads of pre-made templates which are easy to modify and update.

template gallery in sendinblue email marketing tool
Email marketing templates

Email Automation

Moving on to the next feature Automation of emails. This is a great advantage since many of the platforms out there don’t provide this feature.

What exactly do we mean when we say email automation?

It is nothing more than setting up triggers and designing user journeys so that whenever a user abandons a site or performs a certain activity, an email is sent.

Ex: We would want to send an email to all customers who have added items to their online shopping cart but have not yet finished their transaction.

automation flow and set up in sendinblue email marketing tool
Email marketing automation dashboard

In addition to all of this Sendinblue also provides other features like

  • Social Media Marketing, where you can connect your business pages, and create and run ads directly from here.
  • Chat is another amazing feature from Sendinblue. Where you add a chat button on the website and get in touch with your customers in real time and engage with them.
  • Plan on running ads? Great! With Sendinblue’s landing page tool, you can develop and design a landing page that meets your specifications and direct ad traffic to it.

Other things that are great with Sendinblue

  • Easy to use – The interface is super simple and very easy to navigate. Once you log into the platform you’ll be able to see all the necessary details right on the front screen and tabs are given above for easy navigation between different features that are provided.

Price – When compared to its counterpart in the market the prices given are a definite steal. Unlike other platforms, you are charged based on the number of emails that you send out and not the number of contacts that you have. So it really does not matter how big your database is you only pay for the emails that you have sent out.

If you are starting out and are looking for a cheap and effective email marketing tool they have a free plan also available where you can send 300 emails a day.

payment and pricing of sendinblue email marketing tool
Email marketing price plans

If I had to put it in one line – Sendinblue is the best all-in-one email marketing tool out there. It will help take care of all your email marketing needs and then some. To find more you can visit them here.

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