Google Ads: Are they worth it?

The world of marketing has changed drastically over the past few years. Given how COVID-19 has shifted the users to be more active online has only added to the user’s behavioural change of getting everything online from food to medicines to shopping.

According to Statista, 98% of people use Google as a search platform so this would make google the most effective way of growing your business and reaching more customers online. The biggest advantage of google ads would be it helps you get in touch with users who are actively looking for your service or products.

A question often asked is, “Would it be worth it to spend the money on Google Ads?”

Definitely, Yes. Google Ads provides very cost-effective ways for businesses of all sizes to get in touch with their target audience. If you choose the right keywords and budget, you can buy your way to the top of the results page. In some cases, like in the image below, searchers might not even need to scroll down before they get past your ads.


How does Google Ads work?

Google Ads lets you put text ads or shopping ads for your site on an internet searcher results page (SERP) for a predefined keyword by paying for them. Pay-per-click, or PPC, implies that you pay, if and provided that, individuals click on your ads.

These PPC ads show up right at the top of any Google search result and can be an effective way to generate traffic when you’re just starting out or when you want a little boost.

Let’s dive a little deeper to see how google ads can help save money & time.

Tracking & Analytics

Even though Google Ads is a free tool given by Google it helps you with a ton of data like how many people viewed your ad, how many of them clicked, and how many people landed on your website this attached with Google Analytics can help with a lot of insight for your business/product.

To make things simpler google has a complete console integrated with AI and Machine Learning algorithms that constantly monitor your ads and help you optimize them so you can make the best out of your buck. All of this data can help you spend your marketing budget smarter and provide the data to back up your decisions and help you grow.


Flexibility & Control

Google Ads campaign can be stopped in seconds or paused and reenabled later on without penalty. This flexibility allows you to control your marketing spend better, and with no contract or fixed terms, there’s no money wasted.

Various Ad formats

Google Ads was originally launched back in 2000 with simple, text-based ads. Although many of the original elements remain today, Google Ads now offers ample features designed to help users compel and entice new customers.

With things like site links, location-based targeting, multiple ad extensions, and shopping ads for eCommerce, the platform now offers unbelievable customization and control over the ad experience. Special ad formats are available to meet the special needs of various industries, such as hotels, restaurants, and vehicle manufacturers. You can also add rich virtual elements, including interactive maps and high-resolution images.

No matter what industry you’re in there’s a good chance you’ll discover features designed to make your services and products more appealing to your target audience. And, it’s Google, so you know new features and formats are being rolled out constantly.

Target potential customers when they want

You are in the market for certain products or services, so when you type it into Google, and it opens up page after page of the search engine results page with the most relevant websites for your request being on the first page. So, you click on the first result that grabs your attention and start shopping.

The biggest advantage of Google Ads is that they appear at the top of the search results page, before organic search. That means you’re reaching your target audience at a time when they’re engaged and ready to act.

Google Ads gives you complete control over your targeting options, too, from specific search terms to age, location, and even hobbies and interests. When you choose the right keywords, bid the right amount, and create a relevant, high-quality ad you can be right in front of potential customers at the exact moment they’re in the market for your service or product.

Completely in control of the spending

When you create a PPC ad campaign, you set parameters that help you define your spending. You decide what you’re willing to spend on each click, and you’re only charged when someone clicks on your ad. The other way is to simply set a daily budget. Google will use that budget to calculate the rest of the spending that should be done when your ads are running. You will notice irregular spending on a daily basis but at the end of it, the budget would not cross the estimated monthly spending.

Quick results

We can see results almost instantaneously. Within minutes of your ad is approved, you could start to receive new traffic. To get started, simply enter your carefully researched targeted keyword list, set your max bid and budget, and the traffic could start to flow that same day or within a couple of hours.

Target based on location

With Google Ads, you can enable location and call extensions, display your address, and include a clickable phone number. You can even enable geographical range limits to focus on your local market and avoid competing with large, national brands.

If you’re in a niche market, Google Ads also offers the advantage of being keyword specific. This allows you to pinpoint your target audience so your ad gets shown to the right people, resulting in lower ad spending and increased lead generation.


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Are there any downsides to Google Ads?

Everything has a downside, and Google Ads are no exception. First and foremost, it’s not necessarily easy to learn how to find the right keywords. You could easily waste a lot of money and time while you’re learning with very little to show for it. If you don’t choose the right keywords, your ad might be seen by the wrong people or never seen at all.

You also need to learn about negative keywords, how bidding works, how to create impactful ads and landing pages, and then be willing and able to invest the time to monitor your ads and tweak them as needed. It’s not a set it and forget it process.

The Bottom Line: Are Google Ads Worth It?

Absolutely. As I mentioned earlier, Google Ads are worth the money since they provide a means for companies of all kinds to reach a nearly endless audience in a targeted manner at a cost that is quite inexpensive. They provide an incredibly high degree of flexibility since you are free to start, stop, pause, or even alter your offers at any moment.

The pay-per-performance pricing model is a tremendous advantage for small businesses with a tight marketing budget. And, having the ability to focus on long-tail, niche, and local keywords allows you to avoid competing with big brands that have huge advertising budgets.

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