9 Best Productivity Tools That Will Change Your Life.

Our collective fixation on getting more done in less time appears to be the top priority for all of us. How can we increase our output? How can we complete more work in less time? How can we improve our time management and improve productivity? How can we strike a work-life balance? You’ve almost certainly asked yourself one or more of these questions at some point.

I’d like to add a factor that is helping people in being more productive: productivity tools. As times have grown increasingly competitive, it makes sense to seek assistance from the market’s plethora of productivity tools.

Here’s a list of productivity tools that I constantly use and that have helped me manage my time and work.



Toggl allows you to keep track of the time you spend on various tasks and evaluate if you’ve spent your time properly. This is possibly the coolest time-tracking tool available. Toggl’s capability is not limited by the device. In other words, it can function on your computer, tablet, or phone while also tracking the number of hours spent on a given activity or project. It is a simple and straightforward service that gives customers the tools they manage time and be productive.

With a single click, you may start and stop the timer. Create a list of projects, clients, and billable rates.

Toggl has some noteworthy features.

  • A generous free service tier.
  • A broad list of integrations is offered.
  • Simple to use.



Calendly is a must-have tool for small business owners and marketers since it reduces the distraction of arranging meetings and scheduling work time. You can use this software to create events from your current calendar and block off periods when you’re busy. If someone wants to schedule a meeting, they may do it through Calendly instead of sending an email calendar request or finding a time that works for both of you.

It’s also quite simple for the customer to use; it’s not crowded like some other scheduling software applications, and having an APP is priceless. Because of its buffers, this tool is quite valuable. Users may specify buffer intervals between meetings, such as 10-minute gaps for travel or stretching, and even construct barriers for last-minute appointments. This stops individuals from jamming your calendar or adding anything to it with barely an hour’s notice.

Noteworthy features of Calendly

  • Provides a free version to get you started.
  • Excellent for scheduling complex appointments with several persons.
  • Pricing plans vary but trust me when I say it’s worth it.



You most likely switch between gadgets during the day. From the PC to the iPad to the smartphone; from the desktop to the smartphone to the tablet. If you’re constantly jumping about, you’re setting yourself up for a day of distracting transitions that make it difficult to get back into your project. Wouldn’t it be much easier and less distracting if all of your gadgets were linked together? That is where Pushbullet comes into the picture.

Noteworthy features of Pushbullet

  • Allows you to easily sync material across devices.
  • Supports links, Google Maps addresses, and pictures.

These are just a handful of the benefits that Pushbullet offers. This is a must-have tool for multi-device workers.

Google Workspace


Google Workspace (previously Google Apps and subsequently G Suite) is a suite of cloud computing, productivity, and collaboration tools, software, and solutions created and marketed by Google. It integrates all of our favorite tools — Calendar, Gmail, Drive, Docs, Slides, Meet, Keep, Forms, and Sheets — even closer together under a nice, tidy, and colorful umbrella.

Google Workspace is one of the greatest solutions for sharing documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and real-time collaboration. Since everything is an online application it eliminates the need to save and send files back and forth while writing and editing.

Given that a premium version is available, you can make do with the free version. You can leverage your Gmail account to have access to all of Google’s fantastic products.

Noteworthy features of Google Workspace

  • Real-time collaboration
  • Files can be stored and shared on the cloud
  • Free tier available
  • Offline mode – for docs, sheets & presentations



One tool for project management. You don’t have to go back and forth between spreadsheets, email, and other applications to keep your projects on track. With Asana, you can track and manage everything, from day one to the deadline. Because Asana is primarily intended to adapt to your workforce and collaboration, it offers several ways to manage your tasks and projects.

One of the things that make Asana easy to use is its app integration. Several other apps work nicely with Asana, to name a few

  • Zoom
  • Slack
  • Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Gmail
  • Office365
  • Google Drive

Noteworthy features of Asana

  • Asana’s user interface is very appealing and easy to use.
  • A simple calendar that is synced with all of your tasks.
  • Convey information to the appropriate individuals/groups.
  • Work reports, everything at one location


Slack is a desktop and mobile messaging tool for managing all team communication. Send direct messages, build private and public channels covering a variety of themes, and then engage in real-time with your team. Slack, with its various comprehensive features and powerful integrations, can soon become the primary core of your project management process – and your entire team.

Noteworthy features of Slack

  • Integrates well with other tools
  • Automation workflows
  • Management of task lists
  • Collaborate with teams’ internal and external



Loom is a free screencasting tool that allows users to film themselves with their cameras and capture their computer screens. Loom is compatible with both Mac and Windows PCs. When you’re done recording your screen, you can modify it and share it on Twitter, Facebook, or Gmail, as a URL, or embed it on a website.

Noteworthy features of Loom

  • Ease of use; simply click start and the screen you want to record, and you’re done.
  • They offer several integrations with apps, making it simple to use on any device.



My phone has become my obsession. I’m addicted to it. It’s not something I’m particularly proud of, but it’s true. If this is you then the forest is the app for you. Forest is a popular productivity tool that helps individuals overcome their smartphone addiction and manage their time in a fun and enjoyable way. Users can earn credits by not using their cell phones and using the credits to plant actual trees all around the world.

I like how Forest allows users to categorize and describe each break you take, so I can see whether I spend more time working or binge-watching Game of Thrones. And I had a lot of fun with the personalized message option, which allows you to create your own inspirational messages that will appear during your phone-free vacation.

Noteworthy features of the Forest app

  • Simple setup.
  • You can use the share feature to invite friends and family.



Mind mapping is a creative way to explore and connect divergent ideas. When done correctly, it’s an excellent strategy for coming up with new ideas and solutions to complex problems, outlining an article or presentation, and generally organizing your thoughts.

In many ways, Mindmeister is the mind map builder to beat. MindMeister allows users to share and update mind maps, give comments and feedback, attach files, photos, and videos, and incorporate links to external and internal sources. Mind maps may be shared internally or externally with colleagues via an email invitation to collaborate or a URL.

Noteworthy features of Mindmeister

  • Collaboration by bringing your team together.
  • Integrations with popular tools.
  • Use it whenever, wherever.
  • Easy and simple to use.

Summing things up

Productivity tools will assist you in organizing your life. Whatever your occupation, automating and arranging your life around digital technologies is critical to your work and overall well-being. If productivity is your aim, include it in your tool selection process. Make productivity a priority in your selection process rather than an afterthought.

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